Since now, at the end of yet another year, most of us look back and try to see what we did good or what we did bad throughout the year that is just about to pass, I decided to write a last blog post for 2017 about how this year went for me, especially in terms of travel.

2017 was a great year both in terms of travel and in terms of academics for me, as I graduated University and got accepted to Masters. Although I was busy for the first half of this year with my graduation thesis, I still managed to travel around Romania, then Greece for my graduation trip, and then many trips followed when I came back to Japan to pursue further studies.

This is how a timeline of my 2017 travels would look like:

  • RomaniaBrasov (January 2017), Sinaia (March 2017), Churches of Moldavia (June 2017), Sighisoara (June 2017)
  • GreeceAthens, Santorini (July 2017)
  • JapanSaitama (September 2017), Ibaraki (October 2017), Okutama (November 2017), Hakone (December 2017), Ikaho (December 2017)

Brasov, Romania

Moldovita, Romania

Voronet, Romania

Sighisoara, Romania

Saitama, Japan

Oia, Greece

Athens, Greece

Ibaraki, Japan

Maybe for some, it won’t seem too much, but I surely feel happy I managed to travel this much although it was a difficult year with my graduation coming soon and many decisions to make about the future. And I can say I managed to travel more, write more on the blog compared to 2016 and in 2017 I also changed my domain to anaroundtheworld, which only motivates me to travel even more next year.  Let’s see what adventures 2018 will have for me!

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