Already two weeks since I came back to Tokyo and as I started doing more activities, I also got more excited about being back here. Although many places feel nostalgic to me, I am glad I got the chance to explore them again and I am also doing my best to look for new places that I haven’t explored yet!

This week I went to Odaiba to see a special exhibition at Miraikan, The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. The special exhibition “The Art of Disney – The Magic of Animation” will be in Tokyo only until September 24th, and then will move to other places in Japan such as Osaka, Niigata and Sendai. If you are in Japan and want to see it, check out more information here.

The entrance ticket for the special exhibition was 1,800 yen per adult, a bit expensive considering that the price for the permanent exhibition is only somewhere around 600 yen per adult. But if you are a Disney fan, it is totally worth it! It was interesting to see how many of my beloved Disney movies birthed and admire beautiful artworks related to them. I think I have seen all recent and most of the old Disney movies so rediscovering them through this exhibition was really exciting. But the main attraction of this exhibition was the room with lanterns that imitates a scene from Tangled. This dreamy installation was powered by teamlab, famous for their outstanding digital exhibitions. Being in that room felt like being in a dream, stepping into another world, as you can probably see from the photos below. But the bad part is that it was very very crowded and the time allowed to experience the room with lanterns was only 1 minute… I wanted to stay there for hours probably :(.

But besides Miraikan, head over to Odaiba for the Rainbow Bridge that forms a beautiful cityscape of Tokyo, the famous Gundam or Fuji Television Network. Odaiba is a great place to spend a day in Tokyo so I definitely recommend it if you are planning your trip to Tokyo!

First some photos of the Disney Special Exhibition, the only place where we could take photos was the special Tangled room 🙂

Next are photos of the permanent exhibition of Miraikan


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